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This is how you skin care of your in autumn

This is how you skin care of your in autumn Healthtipsa.comA little while and then it is September 21, officially the beginning of autumn. And that means that our skin care is very likely to start to brave inclement and cold weather. Also the heating goes on again and that has a lot of influence. All reason to step in well prepared in the autumn. That is possible with these tips.

This is how you skin care of your in autumn

In the fall you can often suffer from dry skin care, red spots or a taut feeling. Cold is an attack on your skin, just like the drought of the heating.

Your skin can use some extra nourishing care in autumn and winter. Because of the rain and cold and cold wind outside and the drought and heat of the heating inside your skin care gets a lot to endure. In autumn and winter it is important that your day cream provides extra nutrition. Make sure you choose a cream that suits your skin. If your skin feels dry after a few hours, the cream is not fat enough, health tips knows.

Also your hands feel as a result of the cold outside and the drought indoors in the autumn and winter drier. The solution? Lubricate, lubricate, and lubricate again! By default, put a tube of hand cream in your bag and put one in places where you often come, such as the kitchen or your workplace at home. Do you want to give your hands a boost? Lubricate them with a greasy cream before bedtime, put on cotton gloves and let the cream at night withdraw and do its job.

Another phenomenon that is typical of autumn and winter: dry spots on your elbows and legs that feel dry. Use a nourishing body lotion to lubricate your body. Another recommendation is udder cream. It is fine for dry and chapped skin and promises to work well if you suffer from chaps.

Do not forget to take care of your lips. Use lip balm, for example that of Rosebud, Dr. Pawpaw  or go for the classic petroleum jelly. Do these types of remedies do not do their healing work well? Then scrub your lips first. Read here how you yourself make the tastiest and finest lip balm and scrub.

Very important in autumn and winter: ensure that you stay well hydrated and drink enough. For example, place a large jug of water in sight (think of your desk, the kitchen table or the sink) and make sure that you always empty it during the day. You can also use an app (such as Aquifer, a free version is available from the Apple app store or Google Play) where you keep track of how much water you have drunk. Such apps also help you remember when and when to drink again. Do you find water a bit boring every day? Then add some mint, slices of lemon or lime or ribbons of cucumber for variation. You can also alternate water with herbal tea. Are you curious if you drink enough water? That’s how you find out.

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