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Sleeping Smells For a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleeping Smells For a Better Night's Sleep Healthtipsa.comA good night’s rest starts with a moment of rest before you go to bed. The day flies by and you stay in bed even in bed. Have you done well this afternoon? Do you have time tomorrow to see your girlfriend? Put yourself on ‘stop’: create a moment of rest. Aroma therapist and teacher Ellen Wagenaar of Chi Natural Life explains how to do this with essential oils, so that you better night’s sleep

Sleeping Smells For a Better Night’s Sleep

You have those days when you have to force yourself to go to bed, but you really want to do so much more. But you know: sufficient sleep is important. So hop, quickly dive into your bed. Even if you have made the decision to go to bed, you can not sleep immediately. You do not have any rest in your head. It is important to create that rest, for example by using aromatherapy.

Aroma therapist and teacher Ellen Wagenaar discovered aromatherapy at the age of seventeen and has been using it for years now in her practice. She also gives various workshops and she wrote a book on this subject. Aroma therapists work with essential oils to correct physical and psychological problems. But how do you use aromatherapy at home to better night’s sleep? Ellen Wagenaar explains it.

You need this:

An essential oil in the fragrance lavender, sandalwood, mandarin, orange, riveter or ho-wood, cedar or Bertram. These are often used for this, because oils from flowers, wood and carrot are used for relaxation. It is important that you really enjoy the smell, otherwise you will not relax. Moreover, you can also mix the scents with each other, so that orange combines well with ho-wood. You do a drop of both oils.

This is how you use it:

To evaporate the essential oils you can use an evaporator, but you can also drip a little on a fragrance block or on a handkerchief and place it next to your pillow. The smell will evaporate and spread, that smell will have an immediate effect on your mind. Incidentally, it is not that more drops of the essential oil also gives more effect. The fewer drops, the better the effect for relaxation. More drops give a stimulating effect, because you also get a lot of stimuli.

Foot bath
“A foot bath is relaxing anyway. You get warm feet, the energy goes out of your head. It is then very nice to also use an essential oil. Two drops of the essential oil are mixed in a dish with a neutral bath oil, a hydrophobic oil. This is for sale in a health food store. If you mixed this up, add it to your foot bath.

Lubrication on the skin
To lubricate the skin, you must mix the essential oil with a base oil such as almond or jojoba oil. Mix 10 ml base oil with two drops of essential oil of your choice. This you lubricate under your feet and on your stomach. In natural healing these are important places of the body.

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