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How do you reduce the costs at the start of the new school year?

How do you reduce the costs at the start of the new school year?The new school year is about to start and you have to buy so many new things! With our tips you will learn how to save on this. Top!

1) Make an inventory

You do not have to buy everything new every school year, some things you can easily use for another year. Think for example of a school bag (if it is not too damaged) or a lunchbox. The same applies to a case and everything in it. Take the time to show all the material from last school year and see which things you can keep and which school stuff you have to replace.

2) Call on friends and family

The daughter of your neighbor is a year higher? Or the son of your best friend graduated from the same school two years earlier? Certain books or other material you can borrow or buy over. Post a message on Facebook or send an email to your acquaintances. Let us know what stuff you are still looking for and wait for their answer.

3) Buy some stuff second-hand

Flea markets, second hand shops, internet and more: there are endless places where you can buy second hand equipment. Did you know that September is the ideal month to browse flea markets? You will find a lot of material that you can use for school. Think of gym shoes, school bags and school folders.

Ever heard of a giveaway market? You see this new concept more and more often. It is a market where everything is free and where you can also give away free stuff (please note: they must be in good condition). Who knows, you might find a free bookbag or gym bag! Definitely worth a look!

4) Organize an exchange day!

Another idea is to organize a trade fair at your child’s school. Everyone comes with things they no longer use: old school books, children’s books that have already been read, too small clothes … No need to pay, you exchange! Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know other parents. Do you want to change clothes that you want to exchange soon? Use Ariel 3in1 Pods  for a guaranteed flawless result!

5) Group purchases are a solution!

Some schools organize group purchases at wholesalers. The advantage? Parents receive a discount on the price of certain items. Visit the school of your child and ask what the possibilities are. Also in the town hall you can often go for more information. You can of course introduce yourself to the school management. The other parents will thank you!

6) Buy school supplies online

A last simple tip: do not do your shopping in a (large) store. Order everything you need  via the internet. This way you will not be tempted to buy cute pink notebooks and other  items that your child (ren) do not really need.

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