Wednesday , February 20 2019

Why you should not underestimate the tiger mosquito

tiger mosquito

The news is full of it: the Asian tiger mosquito has settled in the Netherlands. Anyone can be bitten by it. Is that cause for concern? “Absolutely,” says medical entomologist and tiger mosquito specialist Bart Knols. “If we do nothing to eradicate this mosquito, we must prepare ourselves for a scenario where the tiger …

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The 8 tastiest low-carbohydrate snacks

carbohydrate snacks

Snacking and low-carbohydrate food, is that going together? Yes of course! You can still snack, only slightly different than you were used to. For everyone who can use some  carbohydrate snacks inspiration, we collected eight low-carbohydrate snacks. Handy on the road, with you to work or at a party.

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You can make healthy protein shakes

protein shakes

You can make healthy protein shakes. You’ve probably heard of it or read about it. But do you know whether protein shakes are recommended for everyone? And how you make such a shake yourself? Sports dietician Linda Swart tells you everything you need to know, so that you can start working in the kitchen …

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Breakfast with an orange pepper

orange pepper

Did you know that orange pepper and an pepper are very similar? Besides having the same color, they contain a lot of vitamin C and are both sweet in taste breakfast. Yet the green, red and yellow peppers are mainly on our plates. Time to change that!

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The 6 tastiest edible flowers

tasty edible flowers

When you think of tasty edible flowers, your stomach probably does not start to grow spontaneously. But did you know that flowers not only add color to your plate, but also taste to a dish? We tell you which flowers are edible and give you inspiration in the kitchen.

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8 forms of yoga Which suits you?

8 time yoga

Yoga can be relaxing, but also strenuous. Low-threshold, but also challenging. In other words, there are all kinds of species. So there is always one that suits you. Nice! We give the guide for the novice yogis and put eight forms in a row. Which 8 time yoga shape suits you?

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