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You should know this about nutrition according to a top sport dietitian

You should know this about nutrition according to a top sport dietitian | Healthtipsa.comGoosebumps. How is it possible that that gymnast, football player and cyclist always rises above himself again? Of course, it is talent. But also: very good training and always good food. You also have the latter in hand! Stop the crap with shakes and bars in the kitchen. Top sports dietitian Stephanie Schematically shares her knowledge and explains how it should be done.

This about nutrition according to a top sport dietitian

It is not surprising that top athletes should pay attention to the right nutrition. Scientific research shows that food does indeed influence sports performance. But what about a normal, recreational athlete? Healthy gets the answers to questions we all secretly have.

Should you also pay attention to your diet if you are not a professional athlete?

Top sport dietitian Stephanie Schematically: “Whether you have a kilometer or a marathon ahead, one thing is certain: you need fuel for it. To make sure you do not come home with an empty tank or cripple the next day, you need information and easy recipes. That way, as an average athlete, you keep your body intact, during and after sports. Only then will the sport really be fun. And how you eat depends on what type of sport you are: are you a competitive or recreational athlete? Whatever sportsman you are, you do not have to overdo it in terms of nutrition or diet. But it is important that a normal, average athlete does not decline in terms of his or her body and performance. ”

What do you think of the hundreds of advice on nutrition and sports on the internet?

“I find a lot of these nutritional advice very short through the bend. Nowadays everyone can call themselves a food coach and that happens a lot on social media. But a nutrition coach is not the same as a dietitian. You are only a dietitian at the time that you have complete a training in the field of nutrition – not a course. What I also see a lot is that the internet is full of advice that is very extreme and seems to offer a solution for everyone. No account is taken of the fact that a dietary advice differs per person, per type of sport and per moment. My goal is to give precisely that specific information: why is it good for cyclists to eat a banana prior to endurance training? ”

How do you know which advice you should listen to?

“I always tell people who are scouring the internet that it is smart to check who is behind a website or blog. Is the owner unskilled? Then you know that you have to take the advice with a grain of salt. Furthermore, I often give the tip to experiment with a number of opinions and to judge on that basis. Nobody obliges you to listen to someone. And what works for one person does not work for the other. Often many people after about two to three months drip their own experiments with a dietitian, because they do not achieve their goal. ”

What can you eat the best before you exercise?

“My general advice is to eat a carbohydrate-rich snack just before a workout so that your body is supple with enough fuel. Think of a banana or currant bulb. During the exercise, I recommend to drink plenty of water and to eat something extra if you are busy long and intensively. This can be an energy bar, but also a slice of gingerbread or granola bar. If you want to get fit again the next day, it is wise to eat something that contains a lot of proteins after the effort. For example, a box of cottage cheese is a smart choice. These are the simple three steps that everyone can follow. ”

Stephanie Schematically is a Flemish top sports dietitian. She wrote, among other things, ‘The sports cookbook’ and ‘The sports cookbook for strength sports’.

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