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Hummus Versus Egg Salad What is Healthier?

Hummus Versus Egg Salad What is Healthier Healthtipsa.comIf there is one spread that has conquered the breakfast, lunch and cocktail table in recent years, it is hummus. The classic egg salad should even compete with it. But which spread is actually cheaper, healthier and more sustainable? We put them along the same yardstick and chose a justifies winner.

Hummus Versus Egg Salad What is Healthier?

Hummus, hormones or humus has conquer the Netherlands in recent years. In the Middle East this chickpea spread is just as normal as a sandwich with cheese in our little country. Opinions are divide on the origin of hummus. It is said that in the thirteenth century hummus was eaten in Egypt, but it is also claim that this delicacy was the first in Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Greece on the menu. So the truth remains in the middle. Whoever came up with the idea of ​​making egg salad is also a mystery. It is speculate that a Frenchman was the first to mix mayonnaise and eggs, because mayonnaise originally comes from France.

What is cheaper?

Hummus is now for sale in the craziest flavors. From pumpkin humus to chocolate hummus. We go for the classic: hummus natural. At Albert Heinz you pay € 1.49 for 200 grams of hummus from Maze. If you go to Jumbo then you already have a tray of 200 grams for € 1.09. This hummus is from the brand Food Friends Fun. You can buy 300 grams of egg salad from the Albert Heine budget brand for € 1.29. The cheapest egg salad at Jumbo is € 1.45 for 250 grams.

Winner:  Egg salad. With a tray of egg salad or hummus you can spread a lot of sandwiches and toasts for little money. If you choose egg salad, you are slightly cheaper.

What is healthier?

Eggs and chickpeas have one thing in common: they are both a healthy source of protein. How healthy egg salad or hummus is depends on the additions. For example, British research showed that in hummus from the supermarket there is usually more salt than in chips. You can also find a striking ingredient on the ingredient list of hummus and egg salad: sugar *. In this test, we put 100 grams of natural hummus and 100 grams of egg salad along the same measuring rod:

  • Calories: 318 calories in hummus, 255 calories in egg salad
  • Fibers: 5.3 grams in hummus, 1.3 grams in egg salad
  • Protein: 7.5 grams in hummus, 7.3 grams in egg salad
  • Carbohydrates: 11 grams in hummus, 5.6 grams in egg salad
  • Fat: 25.9 grams in hummus, 22.3 grams in egg salad
  • Vitamins and minerals: in hummus there is clearly more magnesium (57 milligrams) than in egg salad (7 milligrams). Hummus also contains more calcium. More vitamin B12 and B2 are in egg salad

Winner: The spreads are quite similar, yet we choose hummus as the winner. The combination of fibers, proteins and fat makes it a dip or sandwich that you are full of. This prevents a snack pack later in the day.

We have compare the spreads via the NEVO online table of the RIVM. Unfortunately, we could not compare the amount of sugar and salt in hummus and egg salad in this table.

What is more sustainable?

To make hummus, few ingredients are needed: chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, sesame paste (tannin), olive oil and water. The chickpea is the most commonly eaten legume in the world. Because we can not (yet) grow on Dutch soil, we have to get chickpeas from abroad. According to the FAO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the chickpea is an important crop in times of climate change. It can restore soils with few nutrients, replace fertilizer and in the future it can be used as cattle feed. The famous hummus brand Maze imports the chickpeas from Turkey and Canada and makes hummus from the factory in Andaman. The hummus from the Sabra brand is made in Israel and comes to the Netherlands in containers.

For egg salad you need eggs, the name says it all. Research by sustainability foundation Question mark showed that free-range eggs are used for over a quarter of the egg salads in Dutch supermarkets. These are the least pet friendly eggs after cage eggs, better known as battery eggs. The laying hens that produce these eggs do not have room to scrape. They are pack together and never come out. In addition, livestock farming is known for large greenhouse gas emissions.

Winner: Hummus, because the chickpea is a sustainable crop. If you make the hummus yourself, you will be in control of the salt pot and you can keep it in a sustainable packaging. Egg salad becomes a more sustainable spread if you opt for organic eggs. In some supermarkets you will find egg salad made from these more animal-friendly eggs.

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