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Healthcare College Education

Healthcare College Education in 2019 | Healthtipsa.comHealth care demand of people is central to healthcare college education. Healthcare is broad, so we have a wide range of training to choose from. We work a lot with people from the practice and the professional association Nurses and Careers Netherlands. The goal is that we can train you with the latest professional knowledge!

Healthcare college education you can follow a course in the following directions:

Healthcare Assistant

An assistant in healthcare is the link between the patient and the doctor. You receive your patients and provide information about medication use and treatments. You assist, but also carry out medical technical actions yourself. For example, you work in operating rooms, hospital departments or at pharmacists, doctors’ and dental practices. In short, you are the support and support of people who need care, but also for the doctor, dentist and pharmacist.

Social Care

Do you enjoy working with people? Then the Social Care program is something for you. The program can be followed at level 4 and level 3. For level 3 you follow the combined training Social Care and you get two diplomas.

During the Social Care Level 4 program you learn to support and support people with long and sometimes complex problems. The clients you come to work with are, for example, people with an intellectual disability, psychiatric problems or an addiction. This means that with your diploma in social care you can go to many different relief organizations.

Laboratory Education

Are you curious, do you work exactly and do you like research? Then you are at your place in the laboratory. With this training you can work in the hospital, but also in the business world you are indispensable as a laboratory technician or analyst. You examine the quality of the air we breathe and the food we eat, analyze the flu virus or check the quality of our medicines or our drinking water. The laboratory courses have beautiful, very well-equipped practice rooms where you learn everything that is needed for practice.


As a nurse you work in hospital, psychiatry, care for the disabled, nursing and care homes or home care. Together with the nursing team, you make a plan for the care and supervision of clients. Due to (technological) developments, the profession is changing rapidly. That is why we often work together with practice in education. Our training also has well-equipped practice rooms. There you learn, under the guidance of subject teachers, how to perform nursing technical activities.

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