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Health Management Medical Consultants

Health management Medical Consultants Healthtipsa.comHealth management is the toolbox for healthy, motivate and therefore sustainable employable employees. it is all measures that enable employees to carry out their work in a healthy and proper manner. Health management must be seen as an addition to the existing occupational health and safety policy.

A number of actions that fall under health management are:

1. Employer encourages employee to have a healthy lifestyle at work and at home, including sufficient exercise, healthy nutrition.

2. Positive management of employers with disabilities and illness of employees, looking at opportunities for sick employees in the labor process.

3. Setting up career counseling and training opportunities for employees – Training of managers so that these health aspects can be identifies in the work and risks in the work behavior. The manager can also point out to employees the benefits of preventive behavior.

4. Encourage managers to inquire about and be aware of the (burdensome) private situation of their people.
In addition, the occupational physician will ask questions about matters such as exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, nutrition and relaxation in the contact with the employee. If applicable, employees can be referee to proven cost-effective interventions that will improve the health and vitality of the employees.

Added value

Health management is good for production, service and continuity. Employees who feel good and are committed and motivated produce more and better and their services are better. In addition, effective health management reduces sickness due to illness. Employees also remain healthy for longer and can therefore continue working longer. This is not an unnecessary luxury in an aging society.
In short: Fit for the Job, means Fit for the Future!
As a Medical Consultants, we can advise and support you in all these aspects.

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