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Health Care Education Make Future Proof

Health Care Education Make Future ProofThree colleagues from our health care education study area were in Dubai last week. They visited the Mohammed Bin Rash id University of Medicine and Health Sciences, especially the simulation center attracted their attention.

Health Care Education Make Future Proof

An example

For our nursing and midwifery courses , simulation education is an important form of work within the curriculum. Within simulation education students are confront with lifelike scenarios in a real-life situation. The only difference is that people do not work with lifelike simulators (dolls) that can breathe, react, talk, etc.

“The Brussels Integrated Care simulation center on our campus in Jette is a state-of-the-art simulation center,” says Gerlinde De Cleric, Director of the health care education and Landscape Architecture department, “but it is still very important to remain state of the art and especially future proof. . Our simulation center must also be top 10 years from now. Our visit to Dubai fits in with it.

The simulation center that we visit there is an example and has been expand enormously.We visit a young university that has invested heavily in the development of clinical skills education. The financial means may be bigger in Dubai, it is not that money is thrown. Simulation education has been organize and grown from a clear vision, mission, values ​​and didactic concept. ”

Inter professional

In addition to the director, Jeri Vermeer (Underground head of program) and Merger Louella (head of nursing) also visited us. The visit was organized together with colleagues from the VUB from the Medicine and Pharmacy programs.That is also very important: “We, but also the colleagues from the VUB want to train our students in an inter professional way. Clinical skills education and certainly simulation education is extremely suitable for this. In the future, we will focus even more on that. ”

Joint research

The visit was also use to make a lot of contacts: “Not only with our colleagues in Dubai, but through Dubai we can also expand our network. For example, we are going to join the international organization for simulation education. In addition, this visit also opened up perspectives for joint scientific research. Or who knows for common English-speaking courses. Although the further development of simulation education is our first priority. For example, we will integrate VR and AR technology. For example, students who give an injection will be able to see what is under the skin.

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