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A lie for good: surely not so innocent?

A lie for good surely not so innocent Healthtipsa,comBecause you do not want to disappoint your friends and / or colleagues, or because you want to save yourself from an uncomfortable situation. Everyone has his reason to occasionally take a walk with the truth. Completely innocent … or not? 

A lie for good: surely not so innocent?

‘Yes, I’m on my way’, ‘that froufrou is great to you’, ‘I only read your message now’: we all shout a lie, and often we are not fully aware of it. A lie for good is so told and can not do much harm, right?


A study by Anita E. Kelly, a professor of psychology, shows that those lies are not so innocent. She studied the effect on your health if you lie less, and came up with a well-known statement:  honestly it lasts the longest, and is indeed the healthiest!


Was lying at the tip of your tongue, but did you tell the truth? Good, because that has both physical and mental benefits. Because, be honest: how do you feel after a lie? Just relieved, but how quickly do feelings of guilt and conscience take over?

Three little lies per week are less sufficient to feel better both physically and mentally:

  • The participants experienced an average of 4 mental complaints less, such as gloom and tension,
  • and about 3 physical discomforts , such as head or throat pain.
  • In addition, they had more self-esteem,
  • and they felt more closely involved with their neighbors.

Three whores for the truth, so!


You do not need everyone who passes ‘everything okay’ in passing? asks honestly to tell what is happening in the deepest part of your heart. For example, you can remember your grandmother from far away in the eighties if you know that she will not be asleep again with anxiety.

Take a look at those little lies, so critical: Is the truth really that bad? And is that especially bad for me, or for the other?

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