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Chamomile Belongs In Your Medicine Cabinet

Chamomile Belongs In Your Medicine Cabinet Healthtipsa.comThe smell of chamomile can be recognize from thousands. And the flower too: in the summer, chamomile decorates all verges and lawns with cheerful, white flowers. But what can you do with it – except making tea? Eat! Do it, because it is good for all kinds of infections and it also relaxes. And your hair also gets a bit blister.

Chamomile Belongs In Your Medicine Cabinet

You have many different types of chamomile, but the real chamomile – Matricaria chamomile – you can smell from afar. The smell is strong, sweet and somewhat weigh. From May until about the end of September, chamomile flowers with a halo of white petals and a yellow heart that is fill with flower tubes.

Chamomile protects your garden

Chamomile should be kept as a friend if you are a vegetable gardener. The plant acts with its own hand against plant diseases and keeps pests at a distance. Ideal to put in the vicinity of vegetables that are easily eaten and susceptible to mold. In addition, chamomile stimulates the growth of other plants; especially the combination with wheat and onion can lead to a larger harvest.

Make your hair blond with chamomile

You can make your hair a little blister with chamomile. How? Put a pot of strong chamomile tea. You make it like this: scoop two tablespoons of dried flowers in a teapot. Then you pour a liter of boiling water. Make sure to pull a quarter of an hour. Then sift and allow to cool. After each wash you massage the chamomile water in your hair and allow it to work for five minutes before you rinse your hair. That way your hair becomes a little bleacher every wash.

Chamomile tea for ailments

Chamomile tea is used as a medicine. You can use it as a compress on tired eyes or use eye problems. You can also gargle the tea to relieve toothache.

  1. Relax
  2. Is good at cramps
  3. Helps your digestion
  4. Relieves pain (toothache)
  5. May reduce fever
  6. Is good for flu and colds (steaming for forehead inflammation)
  7. Helps with infections and ulcers. Let wounds heal better and be soft with eczema (add a few hands of chamomile to your bath water
  8. Improves your night’s rest (let some flowers boil in hot milk)

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