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4 fables about fitness that you do not have to believe according to personal trainers

4 fables about fitnessWhen it comes to movement, most trainers agree that a bit of exercise is better than not moving at all. But there are also a number of fitness trends that trainers themselves would never recommend. Reasons for this may be that they are ineffective or even dangerous. Regardless of how much you want to try some exercises or movements: you should delete these things from your schedule immediately.

4 fables about fitness

1. Hundreds of crunches for a six pack

The time of lying on the floor until it does very much is over. Crunches do not appear to be as effective as previously thought. Especially when your performance shows defects, you can spend your time better.

“It is a big misunderstanding that millions of sit-ups and crunches will help you with a six-pack,” says personal trainer Rebecca Gahanna. “Although these exercises can strengthen your abdominal muscles, they will not make the fat disappear.”

The more  about fitness crunches you do, the more sad your performance becomes, explains personal trainer Astrid Swan. “If people say that they do 1000 crunches per day, I would personally prefer that they do 10, but with a perfect execution.”

A better plan is to eat healthy, live consciously and activate your core through compound exercises. “To see beautiful, defined abdominal muscles, you first need to lower your fat percentage,” says Swan. “The Goblet squat is the perfect core exercise for this.”

But of course you can also work on a hard six-pack from the floor. “Shelves forces your core muscles to contract from multiple angles,” says Gahanna. “Your body uses your muscles to stabilize. This makes planks, push-ups and movements with a medicine ball extra effective. ”

2. Light weights during cardio

Many people think you burn a huge amount of calories if you keep light weights in your hands during your cardio workout. “Unfortunately, that is not the case,” says Gahanna. “It’s better to use heavy weights for this, as they help you burn fat and metabolism much better.”

The fact that you feel your muscles burn after a workout does not mean that you actually destroyed muscle fibers. “This feeling does not arise from the damage of a muscle, but is simply the result of moderate endurance.”

In addition, it is extra dangerous to work with weights during certain exercises. “You risk injuries because you are forced into unnatural movements,” says Swan. “Light weights can lead to rapid movements, which in turn can result in a lousy performance.” You also use more momentum than strength to get the weight moving, so you will not build up any muscle mass. “It is much safer to focus 100 percent on cardio, instead of multitasking with weights.”

3. Something too hot yoga

Are you not afraid of a lesson Bikram or hot yoga? There is obviously nothing wrong with that, but be aware of the temperature, warns Swan. “I love yoga, fitness but my preference is for lessons where my body itself generates the heat.” Despite the fact that Swan is in favor of hot yoga, it is not a good idea to start Bikram immediately as a beginner.

“If your body is warm due to the room temperature, it is difficult to feel exactly where your limits lie,” explains Swan. Because of the heat, your muscles can often bend just a bit further than the intention – what kind of beginners can lead to injury-prone situations.

In addition, the heat can in some cases cause dizziness or nausea. “Yoga is very good for your body and mind, but it is important to find the right kind of yoga,” says Swan. “Drinking a lot of water and understanding the flow is important to maximize the benefits of yoga without hurting yourself.”

It is also good to know that sweating does not necessarily burn more calories. Treating yourself after a lesson with a citizen is therefore not a thunderous plan.

4. Training in the “Red zone”

Many devices in the gym nowadays have a heart rate monitor with which you can train in the right “zone”. Sounds like a handy tool, but according to Gahanna they are often less accurate than you might expect. Because of this, people underestimate the effectiveness of their workout, so that they may go further than their body likes.

According to Graham you can therefore better train on feeling and really listen to your body; instead of looking at a screen.

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