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Detox and feel good in a new body!

Detox and feel good in a new body! healthtipsa.comFor a healthy body you do not have to train very hard or diets. Detox your body is less difficult when you think.

You do not have to suffer to feel good about yourself! With a healthy lifestyle, more physical exercise and a healthy diet you are already well on the right track

You’ve probably already heard about detoxes, detoxes and foods that purify the body ? It is a trend, especially after the holidays! Nowadays people start to ‘detox’ and we no longer speak about diets.

It is mainly about learning to listen to your body . When the autumn arrives, it is pleasant to put on a soft wool sweater … and to raise the fondue set! Then it is soon Christmas … and then, in January, everyone starts drinking seldom juices. That is not the intention. A healthy lifestyle means that you apply a few ‘detox reflexes’ every day .

Detoxifying foods

There are no miraculous foods, just correct choices: many vegetables from local cultivation (a definition of ecological citizenship!). Prefer healthy smoothies with fresh ingredients and regularly eat fruits and vegetables … and not just the day after you have given yourself a pizza! What you should create the most of your plate … are vegetables.

Fruit (the detox food par excellence) you can eat in the morning to start the day with something sweet, about twenty minutes before lunch and also as a snack. Take an apple, for example: because they contain a lot of fiber, apples have a strong satiating effect. Because you have to chew firmly, your body has a faster time than it has a nice snack. Again learning to eat in a proper way, slowly, by actually enjoying the taste of the food. That is also an important step to help you get a feeling of saturation faster. In this way you can limit the sugars (especially refined sugars) in your diet.

Choose products with a high detox value

La Detoxing is also done with the right choice of products that you buy and use in the kitchen. The daily stress, the bad weather and the pollution are bad for your hair. It becomes dull and therefore faster dirt and grease.

It is important to choose a shampoo that you can use easily. Your shampoo should make your hair feel light and care with a thorough cleaning. So try a caring and protective shampoo from the brand Herbal Essences : they are made from a characteristic combination of essential antioxidant, aloe and sea kelp, a cleansing and protective formula.

Do not forget to mass your scalp well: it stimulates blood flow and it also gives you a wonderful feeling! Nothing better to relax after a stressful day !

Detoxification: both inside and outside!

Movement is as important for your body as it is for your mind. Whether you are fighting a boxing ball, running around in the park in small passes or slowly musing your body with yoga … building a moment in your daily routine that is dedicated to your physical activity is essential for a healthy way of life.

Even if you do not have the time to do so, try to do some simple stretching exercises in between; take the stairs; get off a bus stop earlier … it seems like little things, but everything counts. Take a deep breath and take a straight posture. And do not hesitate to test these easy meditation exercises for stressed parents !

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