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4 Ways to Deal With Fruit Flies in The House

4 Ways to Deal With Fruit Flies in The House Healthtipsa.comMake short work of this pest once and for all.

Fun fact: fruit flies are small enough to get through the horde, states Michigan State University. This means that it is very difficult to keep them out of the door, so the trick is to get rid of everything that they can attract. They can contaminate food because of the bacteria they bring, says Department of Entomology at the University of Kentucky, but they mainly cause nuisance. However, it quickly becomes personal when they attack your organic bunch of tomatoes. Follow these simple tips to keep them out of your kitchen.

4 Ways to Deal With Fruit Flies in The House

1. Store your food well

That fruit basket in your kitchen may look nice, it is also an invitation for fruit flies to take over your house – they feel rather attract to ripe, fermenting fruits and vegetables so you find them especially in the summer and early autumn in the house. It is best to keep your food in the fridge. Make sure you eat the fruits that you do not keep in the fridge on time. Put them in the freezer if necessary or use them in healthy smoothies that you keep in the fridge. You can also store them in a dark cupboard that is well sealed. One rotten fruits or vegetable can attract a whole colony.

2. Change the trash bin on time

And immediately take your garbage bags away. Garbage bags where fruit and vegetables are left to rot, attract fruit flies without mercy. Empty the trash can more often to keep the animals outside the door and immediately remove the bags where possible. You can also put rotting fruits and vegetables in plastic bags that will close tightly so that flies cannot reach them.

3. Catch them

To make an effective and non-toxic fruits flycatcher you need an empty pot, a sheet of paper, apple cider vinegar and detergent (a mild insecticide). Put some vinegar on the bottom of the pot and add a few drops of soap. Then you make a funnel from the paper with only a small opening at the end. Place the funnel in the pot with the tip pointing up. The fruit flies are attract to the vinegar, but once they are in it, they cannot go back. Let them be release on time (every day at the end of the day, because we are not an animal).

4. Keep your pipes clean

Fruit flies love water pipes, especially those of your shower and sink. Make sure you keep it clean and clean it every few days. You can easily do this by mixing baking soda with vinegar. Place a funnel in the pipe, pour half a cup of baking soda in it, then a whole cup of white vinegar. When the foaming stops, pour a lot of hot water over it. Five minutes later you rinse everything again with cold water. Ready!

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