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10 tips for the morning rush hour

10 tips for the morning rush hour Healthtipsa.comDo your mornings always walk hectic and busy with the children? Is it every day stressing to get everybody ready on time? Some tips for a quieter morning routine.

10 tips for the morning rush hour

A small test: how many of the following statements are familiar to you?

  • Go ahead
  • Come out of your bed now
  • Why, you only find one shoe?
  • Do not delay, eat your sandwich!
  • Where is your book bag?
  • Now we really have to brush our teeth!
  • Fast, we are already too late!

Less than 3 checked? Congrats! You do it.

3 or more? Do not panic. You really are not the only ones.

Many parents have the same feeling. It seems as if you have already done half a day’s job if you have taken your offspring to the nursery or school in the morning rush. That is pretty tiring . Especially if you have to start your actual work day afterwards.


  1. Code word: routine . A familiar morning rush ritual makes everything run smoothly. Especially young children like a clear schedule where everything runs according to a fixed pattern. Find out which order fits best in your stall: getting up, washing, dressing, eating, brushing your teeth. Try out what is the easiest for you together with keep that system on.
  2. Think of yourself . Do not run around like a chicken without a head. If necessary, get up fifteen minutes earlier together with also prepare items in advance.
  3. Give all items a permanent place. So you do not have to search for your departure.
  4. L’union fiat la force. If your partner is also at home in the morning, divide the tasks . You help in the bathroom, your partner already lubricates the sandwiches, …
  5. Nothing helps? Enter a points system with reward stickers . Who is ready (or on time), gets a sticker. If the sticker sheet is full, you provide a reward.

together with finally, a golden tip in unforeseen circumstances: a cup of milk that falls over, a child that turns out to be sick, … Occasionally you are confronted with a ‘disaster scenario’. Breathing deeply, keep smiling together with think of all those other days that you do get it quiet …

Do you have any tips or ideas for the morning with babies and young children to run more smoothly? Post them in a comment on this article!

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